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Room & Meal How many people are allowed to stay in one room? 열기
■ All rooms can accommodate up to 3 adults + 2 children or 2 adults + 3 children.
* There is an additional charge of $136 per room per night for the third adult staying in the room.
* The third child (age: 6~11) will occur an additional charge of $98.
(However, children under the age of 5 can stay free of charge.)

■ The maximum capacity of all rooms is 5 guests (3 Adult + 2 Children or 2 Adult + 3 Children)
: subject to additional charges.
Please note: no extra bed can be added to the Royal Deluxe/Pororo character rooms due to the layout of the room.
Room & Meal Which restaurants can I use with my Gold Card? 열기
[Buffet World] _ International buffet
- Breakfast: 07:00~10:00 / Lunch: 11:30~13:30 / Dinner: 18:00~20:30

[Myung Ga] _ Korean cuisine
- Lunch: 11:30~14:00 / Dinner: 18:00~20:30

[Tapochau] _ Fusion course meals
- Dinner: 18:00~19:30

[BBQ Dinner show] _ Sunset BBQ
- Dinner: 18:00 ~ 19:30 (available 4 times per week on Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun)

* The Gold Card is good at any of the restaurants on the resort. However, after check-in, the Tapochau restaurant and the BBQ Dinner Show require a reservation in advance at the GRO Desk.
Room & Meal Notice for extra beds and strollers 열기
■ Guests may add an extra bed at $60 per night.
When booking through our official website, you can select to add an extra bed from the options menu.
※ Royal Deluxe and the Pororo character rooms cannot have extra beds.

■ We have a limited number of baby cribs and therefore, they may not be immediately available.
If you require a baby crib, please make your request in the comments field under the Other Requests section at the time of your booking from our official website.
※ Please bring your own bedding for the crib if you have a baby under the age of 1.

■ Strollers can only be used within the resort and they are not permitted outside the resort grounds.
Room & Meal What is a Gold Card? 열기
■ A Gold Card is your access to all inclusive benefits. Benefits include three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the guest’s stay. Without the pass a-la-carte menu items are available at undiscounted prices. And for every stay of more than three nights, every adult and accompanying child are entitled to one Sunset BBQ free of charge.

■ All the bookings made though our official website includes Gold Card as a part of the package.
※ Note: you cannot purchase the Gold Card at the resort.

■ Guests can use their Gold Card at any of the restaurants on the resort (excludes Sunset beach bar or Oasis Lounge Café).

■ The Resort will automatically deduct the cost of meals that you are expected to miss due to your flight schedule or check-in/check-out time. Otherwise, will not refund any meal credits you do not to use.

■ Guests will not be allowed to enter any of the restaurants in swimsuit attire.
Room & Meal Can I check in late/early? or Can I request connected rooms? 열기
■ We do not early late check-ins. Late check outs are available from noon to 3 pm for an additional charge of $30 per room.Should guests check out after 3 pm, an additional charge of one night’s stay will be incurred.

■ A maximum of 2 rooms can be connected based on availability and only if they are of the same room type (e.g. Superior, Deluxe, or Royal Deluxe rooms). An additional 1-time charge of $50 will be incurred in addition on top of the total cost of the two rooms, regardless of the number of nights reserved.
* Please submit your request for a late check out or connecting rooms while making your the reservation on our website.
Water park & Kid's Wave Jungle DAYPASS and usage guidelines 열기
■ Walk-in or non-staying guests can purchase a ticket (1 ticket per person) at the Wave Jungle ticket booth on the day of their visit without making any reservation.

■ The Water Park opens at 9:00 am and closes at 18:00 pm. Break time is between 12:00 and 13:00 pm. Recommended to bring your own life jacket, baby tubes if you have a baby under the age of 2.

■ Wave Jungle DAYPASS Entry and Lunch Fees
(Toddlers - age: 0-5 may enter free of charge. Children - age: 6-11 may enter for a fee per below)
1) One day – with lunch: Adult (age 12+) $85, Child $60
2) One day – without lunch: Adult (age 12+) $60, Child $42
(Rates may change at the discretion of management)

■ Locker and Towel Use Fees
- Towels: $10 deposit, rental fee: $1 (per towel)
- Lockers: $10 deposit, rental fee: $1 (per locker, per day)
Room & Meal Can I choose my own room? 열기
■ Room assignments are based on availability on the date of your stay.
When booking through the official website, you can specify your room preferences such as rooms on higher floors, or proximity from the room your group or friends are in. However, while we will do our best to accommodate your request(s), we cannot guarantee that they will be met.
Water park & Kid's Do you offeres any daycare or (babysitter) services? 열기
■ No, we do not offer any daycare (babysitter) service in-house and for safety, we do not use or provide referrals to any third- party daycare services.
Toddlers up to the age of four can attend programs at Kids College, provided they are accompanied by their parent. And children between the ages from 5 to 11 can attend Kid’s College without an adult and participate in a wide range of games and activities.
Water park & Kid's Do you have any kids programs ? 열기
■ KID’S COLLEGE (for children aged 5-11)
Kid’s College provides ESL activities and sports lessons through a variety of games and programs led by native English-speaking teachers. Children can engage in arts and crafts programs, programs at the Wave Jungle, and marine sports, and other recreational activities. Classes are divided into morning/afternoon/all-day classes, and they are all available exclusively to guests of the MATIÈ SAIPAN.
※ Kid’s College is not available for walk-in guests
※ Children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by a parent.

Pororo Park is an indoor playground open to children between the ages of 1 to 7.
Please note that all children between the age of 1 and 7 must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
Pororo Park opens three times a day, and each session (runs 2 hours) costs $12 per child and $4 per adult.
If you are staying in a Pororo character room, you can visit Pororo Park for free once a day for up to 2 hours
※To reserve a spot at Kid’s College/Pororo Park: after check in, bBook at the GRO desk in advance.

Enjoy the indoors in a library and comfort space for you and your family to have fun with board games and a variety of activities. Snuggle into a comfortable chair or sofa to read that book you’ve been saving with a cup of coffee. Or treat yourself to delicious lattes, select refreshments and indulge in sweet chocolate cakes. Spend quality time with the entire family or find your secluded oasis. Need ideas? We experience programs where you exercise your creativity by decorating your own custom cake, a T-shirt, and even scented candles.
※ Oasis Lounge: After check in, bBook some time in advance at the GRO desk.
Water park & Kid's Can I rent borrow swimming equipment? 열기

■ Swimming equipment are complimentary and available for resort guests to use.
- The following equipment can be borrowed for free at the Beach House: Life jackets, ring tubes, powerless marine sports. Powerless marine sports include windsurfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, sandcastle play etc.
※ Guest are not permitted to leaveof the resort grounds with any equipment borrowed from the beach house.
※ We recommend you to bring your own life jacket, baby tubes if you have a baby under the age of 2.

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